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DeutschFeEd is an educational consulting firm based in Germany.

Optimal guidance for international students when it comes to higher education in Germany.



DeutschFeEd team are highly educated individuals with a rich and diverse business background, including native Germans with decades of leadership experience with the world’s leading corporates. DeutschFeEd has partnered with a very well established placement organization.

Our approach

DeutschFeEd takes a systematic approach with students. Once you have identified which program is of interest to you, we will introduce you to the Universities which offer the program – you can visit the campus; sit in on a virtual classroom to get a feel for the program/ staff/ university; interlock with a student on-campus; and/ or attend an on-line session where the Professors give potential students a briefing on the degree opted for.

Know Us

DeutschFeEd is the official representative of several leading German universities, where programs are available with English as the language of instruction. The team’s mission is to guide today’s youth to realize their ambitions. German education system is very different to almost any other educational system in the world. It is important to recognize this, as decisions on which institution to study within Germany can have long impacting consequences in both furthering one’s education and career.

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DeutschFeEd provides applicants with a step by step guide regarding Germany’s admission criterias, documents required for admission, visa application, selection of course, career guidance, including liaison with Universities to get students admitted – all of which comes free of cost.‏

It just does not end there. Need a briefing on Germany – the culture, customs, traditions? Worried about something, anything? The team will ensure that those concerns are addressed.

Our Blog

DeutschFeEd blog www.linkedin.com/today/author/9083770